S. A. Hoag - Author
Bloodlines: Book 3 of The Wildblood

Bloodlines: Book 3 of The Wildblood

Loyalty has its price. So does revenge. Someone has to pay.

The Wildblood

No one was certain what started the war, the big one. What came next was fueled by rage and fear.

People of The Vista understood their children would be different, growing up in a place that only resembled civilization. A handful kept a dark secret, that a few were something else, something of urban legend. Fighting to survive the harsh elements of Montana, and the feral remnants of humanity, the rumors were forgotten by most.

Welcome to the world of The Wildblood.

Trust is dangerous; ignorance is deadly.

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Backlash The Vista Renegades

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Reader Reviews

"I'm not usually a fan of dystopian or post-apocalypse tales but this post "World War Last" series just sucked me in."

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"To me it reads like a mystery trying to find out there ultimate goal. And don't trust anyone with information. I loved how fast paced it is. And how strong these Characters are."

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"The series just get better with each book and make you want to reread to see if you missed anything."

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"This read grabs you right from the start."

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"I've loved this series since I read The Vista. I was an instant fan of the world and the characters. I found the characters to be intriguing and likable. I felt invested in them. Which is what you always want as a reader, you want to care what happens to those characters. And I felt that through the entire series."

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